COC Training Camps 2006



In the region of Leiria and Marinha Grande, there are many orienteering maps.

This is a central region in the country, at about half-way between Lisbon (130 Km) and Porto (180 Km), with excellent accessibility from any of these cities (A1 and A8 Highways).

Located near the Atlantic Ocean, this region has a fair variety of vegetation types, but the famous "Leiria's Pinewood Forest" is the predominating one, all along the seaside.

Beach, forest, field and mountain: four possibilities of choice, associated to a mild weather without a rival in Europe.

See orienteering maps and tourist locations in Leiria

See orienteering maps in Figueira da Foz



Let's look at some of the training locations:

Mostly, the type of terrain is the mediterranean one. However, there are as well orienteering maps in areas with different characteristics. That's the case with the Juncal Map (located at about 10 Km from S. Pedro de Moel), where the 2002 Iberian Championship was held.

For a region with a 100 Km perimeter, there are about 50 Km2 represented in orienteering maps.

Over the last few years we could not ignore the increase of interest in Portuguese Orienteering and our terrains. Especially during winter times.



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Taking out the most of these regional natural resources, as well as from the several existent orienteering maps, the COC will organize Training Camps between February 24 and April 2, 2006.

These dates were scheduled in order to match the interest of all of those planning to attend the next edition of the Portugal "O" Meeting (Feb 25-28, 2006 – 75 Km from Leiria) with WRE and/or the WRE that will be held in Portugal, as well, during the weekend of March 04-05, 2006 (Alentejo 200 Km from Leiria).

Of course, the training camps will be open to everyone willing to attend and not only for those planning to compete.


Lodging and Accomodation

PRICE: € 40 EUR / Person / Day (minimum 5 days)

- Lodging
- Rent-a-car (minimum 3 persons)
- 2 training events per day

The price also includes the participation in 2 stages of Portugal "O" Meeting (WRE 2nd day located in Abrantes, 75 Km from the accomodation place, between February 25 and 28, 2006) or WRE in Mora at March 04 and 05, 2006.

Option 1 : Hotel Residencial Miramar ***
S.Pedro de Moel

Includes Lodging and Breakfast

Option : Lodging and half pension (Breakfast and Dinner) for € 45

S. Pedro de Moel

Option 2 : Bungalows

Minimum 4 persons

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The accomplishment of each training camp will depend on the registration of at least 10 persons.

Registration Deadline

December 31, 2005


International Interchange

For the interested clubs, there will be the possibility of interchange between athletes.

COC will take at its account the accomodation of certain athletes that will be visiting us and will send their athletes in the very same conditions.



To make your registration, or to obtain further information, send an email to

VAT Number: 504 964 801
Edifício dos Bombeiros Municipais
Rua de Tomar
2400 Leiria

Tel.: (+351) 244 - 813033
Fax.: (+351) 244 - 815669


Edifício dos Bombeiros Municipais de Leiria - Rua de Tomar
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