X Grande Prémio do RA4
21-22 Jun 2008



Entries should be sent to:

- COC (info@coc.pt / 10ra4@coc.pt ou postal mail)
- Directly through OASIS (www.fpo.pt) an electronic software for automatic orienteering events entries.

Until June, 8th (with a 50% discount)
Until June, 15th (no discount).

After June 15th, entries will be only for open classes and formation classes and limited to the available number of maps.

Entry fees (each person, per day)

* – 1,75€ (or 3,00€ for 2 days) for sport insurance

SICard rental: 1,00€ / day
Changes or cancelling after the 8th of June: 2, 00€

FPO participants must give their affiliation number.
Other participants, Identity Card number, passport number or another identify document is needed.

Participants that aren’t affiliated in FPO only may participate in Open races or String Courses (exception foreigner’s athletes that are affiliated in their national federations).
COC associates must give their associate number.
Athletes with their own chip must give the SI Card number.
Young runners participating for their schools with school insurance pay the same as FPO affiliated runners.
Military entries are free and guests of the organisation.
INATEL associates: equal fees to FPO affiliated participants, added with insurance fees (they must present proof document).



The hard floor only have capacity to 250  persons, so, who want to stay there must request it previously at the registration.
The hard floor is in military unit RA4 in Leiria.


Payment Information

Payment by bank transfer to

COC Portugal
IBAN PT50 003503940000400003010

Bank Name : Caixa Geral De Depósitos
Address : Av. Marques de Pombal, Leiria - Portugal


Edifício dos Bombeiros Municipais de Leiria - Rua de Tomar
2400 Leiria - PORTUGAL Fax. 244 831 772 email: info@coc.pt