X Grande Prémio do RA4
21-22 Jun 2008



June 21

09:00 - Event Center opening at the event’s arena

09:00 - Orienteering School opening in the arena

10:30 - First starts of the Long Distance Course

June 22

08:00 - Event Center opening at the event’s arena

08:30 - Orienteering School Opening in the arena

09:30 - First starts of the Long Distance Course

13:00 - Cocktail and Awards Ceremony at the arena



Event counting to the Portuguese FPO North Cup
The event will be held on Pedreanes map (World Cup 2000 and POM 2002)
Similar forest to WMOC 2008
2 stages with long distance courses
Sport Ident control system
The event will be under the Portuguese Federation Competition Rules


Age Groups

Each class is dependent on a minimum of 8 (eight) sign-ups. Whenever a class does not have enough sign-ups, its athletes will automatically be assigned the next available class.

Open classes

Any age, sex, affilliated or not, with or without former experience in orienteering events, and participation allowed individually, in pairs or in groups.

OPT1 - Easy and short
OPT2 - Medium difficulty
OPT3 - Long and technically difficult

These classes have no awards for first runners.


Awards and Souvenirs

Awards for the first 3 runners in all classes of formation and competition.
No awards given to the open classes but some souvenirs will be randomly given to open class participants.

Awards for the 3 best military runners, participating for their military units (classes chosen by RA4 organizers).

Award for the best club and for the best military team.


Contacts and Information

COC – Clube de Orientação do Centro
Mobile: +351914764932 - +351917645378
E-mail: 10ra4@coc.pt / info@coc.pt


Edifício dos Bombeiros Municipais de Leiria - Rua de Tomar
2400 Leiria - PORTUGAL Fax. 244 831 772 email: info@coc.pt