Training Camps will be available from 15 January to 15 April, 2013.

Maps & Training Areas

The organization has to offer you about 36 different trainings in the region of Nazaré, Patais, Marinha Grande, Osso da Baleia, Leirosa and Figueira da Foz/Quiaios.
All the trainings were carefully planned taking advantage of our most challenging areas thinking in you.
The courses are prepared with permanent controls. Every year we have news for you, new maps, new trainings, and 2013 will not be an exception.


Option 1:

Miramar Hostel ***
S.Pedro de Moel
Double room with breakfast - 39 € / person
Double room with breakfast and dinner - 49 € / person

Option 2:

Minimum 3 persons
Lodging – 38 € / person
In this option there are no meals included.
Breakfast or dinner must be booked at the reception.  

Option 3:

MiraVillas Hotel ****
Double room with breakfast - 47 € / person
Double room with breakfast and lunch or dinner - 56.50 € / person

For all the options:

Prices per Person and per Day (minimum 3 days) Includes:

  • Lodging
  • 2 training events per day

For 5 or more days the price also includes the participation in 2 stages of:
XIV MOC WRE in Osso da Baleia beachch (25 Km from Leiria by N109) from 16 to 17 February, 2013.

For more information please contact us. We will give all the information that you need.