Welcome to COC Orienteering Training Camps 2013 in Portugal

Reaching the 9th year of existence, COC Training Camps will again offer an excellent opportunity to have orienteering training during the winter. This has been an advantage already used by some of the best orienteers all over the world.

Over 2.800 athletes have witnessed the technical quality of our training camps which offers accommodation close to the training areas, technical quality of the challenging sand dune terrain, excellence in attending and great organization professionalism, confirmed by the satisfaction feeling of the athletes that visited us.

In 2012, XIII MOC WRE was organized by COC bringing a new map, called "Dunas da Rainha", for the Training Camps. In 2010, POM 2010 and XVI Latin Cup/XVIII Iberian championship were organized by COC. In 2008, Portugal held the WMOC 2008, which received great eulogy by the participants.

Altogether the maps of the training camps cover 120 km2 and have 280 km of courses, representing the strong commitment of COC to offer every year new maps and new courses.

The organization has to offer you 36 different trainings in the region of Nazaré, Pataias, Marinha Grande, Osso da Baleia, Leirosa and Figueira da Foz/Quiaios.

All the trainings were carefully planned taking advantage of our most challenging areas thinking in you. The courses are prepared with permanent controls. Every year we have news for you, new maps, new courses, and 2013 will not be exception.

We invite you to come for winter training on our terrains and confirm for yourselves the technical quality of the maps, with the possibility of taking advantage of the three consecutive WRE events in 2-3, 9-12, 16-17 of February 2013 held in Portugal.

The Training Camps will be available from 15 January to 15 April, 2013.