Welcome to COC Orienteering Training Camps 2009
in Portugal

With 4 years of existence, COC Training Camps continue be one of the best preferences of the best orienteers all over the world. Sun, Sea and our terrains offer you an excellent opportunity to get the best performance in the winter.

More than 2000 athletes may witness the technical quality of our permanent training camps. Accommodation close to the training areas, technical quality of the challenging sand dune terrain, exellence in attending and great organisation professionalism give a satisfaction feeling to the athletes that visited us.

A good sign of the growth which orienteering had in Portugal, the Portuguese ability to organise sport events, the excellence of our forests and quality of the maps and terrains, IOF assigned to Portugal the organisation of WMOC 2008, which took place in theregion where the Training Camps will take place.

COC has done many efforts to offer you every year new courses, updated maps and new maps. This year, after WMOC 2008 in Leiria Pinewood Forest, we will have to offer you about 50 km2 of new maps and updated maps in a total of 80 km2 where you can practice and enjoy it.

We invite you to come for a special week on our terrains and take part in the WRE stage in Pataias which will be organised by COC, on the 28th February and on the 1st March in the same terrain of WMOC Qualification Long Race. After the event, these maps will also be available for the Training Camps.