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Map and Terrain

Day 0 - Friday, September 24, Vieira beach
Model Event
Map maker: Alexandre Shirinian (September 2000), Rui Antunes revision (June 2009)
Terrain similar to the competition
Day 1 and 2 – Saturday and Sunday, September 25 and 26 - Pedrógão
Middle and Long Distance
Map maker: Luís Sérgio
Course planner: Rui Antunes
Pine forest terrain, with some underground, easy run and good visibility. Areas of irregular contour and higher detail intercalated with higher contour but less detailed. Most of the tracks have a symmetrical configuration.

Pedrogão map, December 2008. (embargoed).


Middle Distance

Long Distance

Special Map Features

This feature indicates unpaved road / path with a maximum of 3 meters wide and very sandy, where the athlete does not take any advantage progression to opt for it
Day 1 - Saturday, September 25 - Leiria
Map maker: Tiago Aires
Course planer: Rui Antunes
Historical city centre, with some garden areas.

Leiria map, June 2008. (embargoed).

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