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How to Enter

Necessary data for registration (individual and clubs):

  • First and last name of the participant
  • Birth year
  • Club name
  • POF affiliate number
  • For non-affiliate in FPO is mandatory ID card or passport number
  • SI card number (if you have one, otherwise a rented one is attributed)
  • Class and course desired
  • Stages you will be participating, including night sprint and model event
  • Reservation of hard floor (mandatory if needed)
  • Students entered by their Schools are subject to FPO pricing (plus insurance fee)
  • INATEL associates are subject to FPO pricing (plus insurance fee)

How to make the entry:

Additional clarification or help can be obtained through help in OriOasis or through event e-mail.

Important deadline for registration – February 19 2012
Registration limit for all competition classes (national or international athletes).
After this date only Open Classes entries are accepted (subject to map availability)


Junior classes Birth year
W/M 10 2002 or after
W/M 12 2000 and 2001
Competition classes Birth year
W/M 14 1998 and 1999
W/M 16 1996 and 1997
W/M 18 1994 and 1995
W/M 20 1992 and 1993
W/M 21E/A 1978 to 1991
W/M 35 1973 to 1977
W/M 40 1968 to 1972
W/M 45 1963 to 1967
W/M 50 1958 to 1962
W/M 55 1953 to 1957
W/M 60 1948 to 1952
W/M 65 1943 to 1947
W/M 70 1938 to 1942
W/M 75 1937 or before
B Competition Classes** Birth year
W/M 21B 1978 to 1991

** B competition classes consist in shorter and less competitive courses

Open Classes Age/Sex
easy and short Any age or gender, individually or in group
challenging and short
easy and long
challenging and long
  • Short and easy - Courses done using strong linear references, preferably pathways, with low navigation challenge. Virtually no physical endurance needed. If requested upon entry, guides will be provided.
  • Short and challenging - Courses requiring some navigation skills and low physical endurance.
  • Long and easy - Courses using linear references, requiring low navigation skills and low physical endurance.
  • Long and challenging - Courses requiring some navigation skills and some physical endurance. Can be used as an alternative to competition classes.

Registration Fees
For each stage of XIII MOC (Long Distance on Saturday and Middle Distance on Sunday):

POF and FEDO affiliate Until 13 Feb From 14 until 19 Feb
Born in 1992 and after 3,00 € 4,50 €
Born in 1991 and before 5,00 € 7,50 €
Elite classes 6.00€ 8.50€
Other* Until 13 Feb From 14 until 19 Feb
Born in 1992 and after 5,00 € 7,50 €
Born in 1991 and before 8,00 € 12,00 €
Elite classes 9,00€ 13,50€

Registration fees for open classes
Registration for OPT is always 3 € per young affiliated, 5 € per adult affiliated or young non-affiliated and 8 € per adult non-affiliated.

Other Fees

Sport insurance

  • Athletes affiliated in POF are covered by FPO insurance;
  • National and Portuguese resident non-affiliated athletes, are covered by FPO insurance;
  • Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance; they should provide for their own security and insurance.

SPORTIdent renting

  • € 2,0 per day:
  • € 50, 00 down payment per SI Card. The SI will be handed only after down payment. Down payment will occur in the secretariat.
  • At the end of the event, rented SI Cards should be returned at the Secretariat, upon which the down payment will be returned

Model Event
3,00 € for each map / Model Event

Urban Night Sprint
3,00 € for all classes or course. Several courses will be joined accordingly with their XIII MOC participation classes.


  • Online Secure Payment (POS)
    Credit Card or PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
    Payment done via bank transfer to the following account: (national transfer use NIB, international transfer use IBAN / SWIFT)
    • Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
    • Agency / Adress: Avenida Marquês de Pombal, Leiria
    • Account owner: COC – Clube de Orientação do Centro
    • Acount Number (NIB): 0035 0394 0000 4000 0301 0
    • IBAN: PT50 0035 0394 0000 4000 0301 0
    All transfers should be made within 10 days after on-line entry registration. After receiving your payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation or data completion request.
    All additional costs related or due to the transfer is your own responsibility.
    All payments or money returns under €20 can be settled at the Secretariat.
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