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How to entry

Data necessary for each entry (whether Individual or Clubs):
  • First and Last name;
  • Year of Birth;
  • Club’s name;
  • FPO Number/Passport Number/Personal Identification Card Number, whichever applies
  • SI Card Number (if not rented);
  • Class;
  • WE and ME athletes must provide their WRE ID.
  • Stages you will be participating,
  • Which Model Events you will be participating (default is Model Event 1);
  • Students entered by their Schools are subject to FPO pricing (plus insurance fee);
  • INATEL associates are subject to FPO pricing (plus insurance fee);.
How to entry: Any additional clarification or help can be obtained through IV MTB-O COC e-mail.

Importat deadline date for entries - 10 Apr 2010
Limit day for all competition classes entries (whether national or international athletes). Open Classes entries made after this day will be subject to surcharge and mapavailability).


Learning ClassesBirth Year
Learning Classes W/M1995 or after

Competition ClassesBirth Year
W/M 17 1993 and 1994
W/M 20 1990 to 1992
W/M 21E/A1976 to 1989
W/M 351971 to 1975
W/M 401966 to 1970
W/M 451961 to 1965
M 50 1956 to 1960
M 55 1951 to 1955

Competition Classes**Birth Year
M 21B1976 to 1989
Veteranos W/M B 1975 or before

** Competition classes B consist of shorter and less competitive courses

Open Classes
OPT1 (short) Any age or gender, individually or in groups (the group will take one SI and each element of the group will take one map)
OPT2 (long)

  • OPT1: Short - finishing time of 50 to 70 minutes
  • OPT2: Long – finishing time of 70 to 90 minutes.

Per day in each of the two stages:
POF and FEDO Affiliatedtill 5 de Apr6 to 10 de Apr
Born in 1989 and after3,00 €4,50 €
Born in 1988 and before5,00 €7,50 €
Otherstill 5 de Apr6 to 10 de Apr
Born in 1989 and after3,50 €5,25 €
Born in 1988 and before6,00 €9,00 €

Fees for entries in open classes (OPT)
Open Classes are never subject to extra charges. FPO/FEDO affiliated will pay 3€ per young and 5€ per adult. Non-affiliated will pay 5€ per young and 8€ per adult.

Sport Insurance

  • POF insurance applies to affiliated and non-affiliated who are Portuguese residents;
  • Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance; they should provide for their own security and insurance.

SI Card rental

  • €1 per day with €50 caution payment per SI Card. At the end of the event rented SI- Cards should be returned at the Secretariat, upon which the caution payment will be returned;
  • zip tie or other secure device, Mandatory only for competition classes (0,50 €)

Dinner on 17th of April 2010

  • Saturday, 17th of April, will be possible to have dinner supplied by the organisation. Reservation is mandatory.

Payment can be done via bank account transfer to the following account: (national transfer use NIB, international transfer use IBAN / SWIFT)

  • Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • Agency: Avenida Marquês de Pombal - Leiria
  • Account number (NIB): 039400400030
  • IBAN: PT50 0035 0394 0000 4000 0301 0
All transfers should be made within 10 days after on-line entry has been made. After receiving your payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation or data completion request.
All additional costs related or due to the transfer are your own responsibility.
All payments or money returns under €20 can be settled at the Secretariat.
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