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General Informations


  • Day 1 – 17th April: 09h30 to 16h00 at the Arena
  • Day 2 – 18 de April: 08h00 to 16h00 at the Arena;

Bibs and SI-Card

  • Each Team Leader must collect their team’s bibs at the Secretariat;
  • The official bib is compulsory; you will not be allowed to start your race without your bib. If you lose it, another one will be made available for you at the Secretariat (€1 charge);
  • Please check your data on the bib and carefully cross-reference your SI-Card number;
  • All data modifications must be presented at the Secretariat before presenting yourself at the Start.

Starting time and race maximum time

  • All changes to competition starting times must be made before the day of the race they concern.
  • The time limit for each race is of 3h00 (three hours) for Long Distance and 02h00 (two hours) for Middle Distance.


  • POM 2010’s final results are defined by the sum of points of each athlete in all two stages;
  • This competition is ruled by the FPO Competitions Regulation (2009/2010 season). Any case not present in that document will be ruled by IOF regulations.


  • Prizes will be given to the first 5 W/M Elite (WRE);
  • One prize to every first 3 athletes of all junior and competition classes;
  • Trophies for the 3 most punctuated clubs
Note: There will be no prizes for the Open Classes.


  • Maps will be collected at the end of the first race.

Electronic Control System

  • SPORTident (SI-Card) is the system used in the competition. Every athlete or group (in open OPT classes) will run with a SI-Card (rented if necessary) and map.
  • Rule 20.5 IOF - Control cards or electronic punches must be connected to the cycle by a zip tie or other secure device. It is not permitted to remove the control card or electronic punch from the cycle during the event.
  • The athlete or group (in open OPT classes) is responsible by the correct register of the SI-Card, waiting the necessary time for the confirmation (flash and/or bip). If the electronic registry fails, even if present in the electronic box, the athlete is disqualified.
  • The controls must be made according to the sequence in which they are presented in each course.
  • If the SPORTident system fails, the athlete shall validate his passage by using the respective pin in the reserve squares of the map. Only 3 are allowed.
  • In case of disappearing of the control point (holder, flag or box) or wrong placing of the control (outside the marked area in the map) the athlete should continue the competition as normal (even if time was lost during the confirmation).

Dinner - Saturday 17 April
It will be possible to have dinner, at reduced price, in the 17th of April (Saturday) at 19h00. The dinner will be served in the E.B. 2/3 Dr. Correia Alexandre school facilities, next to the sleeping floor in Caranguejeira. Reservation is mandatory through IV Ori-BTT COC e-mail.


  • GPS Coordinates: Latitude: N 39 44.766, Longitude: W 8 41.838;
  • Start: Signs will guide your from the Arena.
  • Finish: In the Arena.
  • Secretariat: In the Arena. Car keys can be left at the here.
  • Baths: Caranguejeira Sports Gymnasium (hard floor), during the event.
  • Bike wash: In the Arena.
  • Snack-Bar: In the Arena, during the event.
  • First Aid: Each race will have a support and first aid area and service. Ambulance and transport to the nearest clinic/hospital will be assured, in case of need.
  • Map of the arena:
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