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General Informations

Bib number and SI-card

  • Bib number is mandatory.
  • If for any reason a change of SI card occurs, validation in the Secretariat is mandatory prior to the respective start time;
  • The start is not allowed for athletes with data modification without the respective validation from the secretariat.

Start time and Competition time limit

  • Change of starting hour on race day is not allowed for the competition classes;
  • Limit time for the course is 03h00 (three hours) for Long distance, 02h00 (two hours) for Middle distance and 01h00 (one hour) for sprint.


  • The XIV MOC result is obtained by the sum of the points gathered in the two stages (Middle and Long);
  • The competition is ruled by the POF Competitions Regulation (2013 season). Any case not present in that document will be ruled by IOF regulations.

Maps (fair-play)

  • Maps will not be collected at the end of each stage; athletes shall maintain an attitude of fair-play and sportsmanship throughout the event.

Electronic Control System

  • SPORTIdent (SI Card) is the system used in the competition;
  • Every athlete or group (in open classes) will run with a SI Card and map;
  • At the beginning of every stage the SI Card must be cleared and checked (please make sure you already downloaded the information from the previous stage);
  • Every control is done by inserting the SI Card into the station (roughly 1 second until it beeps and flashes);
  • The controls must be made according to the sequence in which they are presented in each map Course;
  • The SI Cards’ information must be read/downloaded at the end of every stage.
  • Rented SI Cards are subject to a down payment of €50.00 (fifty Euros) each. Should you loose of fail to return a rented SI Card, you will lose this down payment.


First 5 WE and ME of WRE stage


  • Points for POF Ranking - sum of the points from the two stages (Middle and Long distances).
  • Prizes for every first 3 (5 in elite classes) classified athletes of all junior and competition classes. Sum of points from the two stages (Middle and Long distances).
  • Trophies for the 3 best Clubs.
  • For the open classes no prizes are attributed


  • Day 0 – February 24th, from 9h00 until 20h00 – in Carriço.
  • Day 1 and day 2 – February 25 and 26, from 08h30 until 16h00 - at the Arena

Includes the Start, the Finish, the Secretariat, the Bar, the Baby Sitting, the Orienteering School and the First aid care.

  • Start
    Signs available from the Arena.
  • Finish
    In the arena.
  • Secretariat
    In the Arena for both competition days (car keys can be left at the secretariat).
  • Showers
    Available at the hard floor, located in ACRM Silveirinha Grande e Claras sport pavilion.
  • Baby Sitting
    In the Arena of the two forest stages. Weather conditions (rain) may require the service to be re-located to the hard floor. Eventual changes will be announced together with the start times
  • Orienteering School
    In the Arena of the two forest stages.
  • Bar
    In the Arena of the two forest stages.
  • First Aid
    For all the stages first aid care service is available. For emergencies evacuation and transport to the identified health care unit will occur.

From 300 to 600 m from the arena

Event Centre
ACRM Silveirinha Grande e Claras sport pavilion

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