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Food and Lodging


Bar and restaurant are available at the Arena during the forest stages.


Tourist Guide of Pombal

Land's House - Bungalows - Official event accommodation.
Address: José Maria Custódio street, Burinhosa - Pataias (4 km by A8 highway)

Reservations directly to the Bungalows, referring the club name in order to get the XIV MOC discount.

Hotel Miramar - S. Pedro de Moel

Address: Rua Serviços Florestais
2430-481 S. Pedro De Moel
Phone: +351 244 59 91 41


Reservations directly to the hotel, referring the club name in order to get the XIV MOC discount.

Estortiga house - Rural turism
Casal da Estortiga - Leiria

Hotel Verde Pinho
São Pedro de Moel

Other accommodation solutions contact:

Região de Turismo Leiria Fátima (
Região de Turismo do Oeste (

Hard Floor

  • Hard floor is located in ACRM Silveirinha Grande e Claras sport pavilion (Event Centre), starting at 17h,of February 15th (Friday) until 15h of February 17th (Sunday). 
  • Hard Floor reservation is mandatory. Athletes should use the OriOasis registration system, selecting the correspondent option.
  • Mattress and sleeping bag is not supplied.
  • The service is free of charge to the XIV MOC participants.
  • Call of attention to the behaviour, respect for the facilities and for each other. Also attention to the silence hours and with the hygiene rules of all the space (sport pavilion and bathrooms).
  • It is forbidden to use competition shoes inside the sport pavilion, including bathrooms.
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